Rewards for a Husband’s Obedience.

William has said that he subscribes to the philosophy of, “For a Happy Life Keep a Happy Wife”. We have found it helpful to have what I call obedience merits and demerits.

Sometime back I began a review at the end of each day. I review William’s behavior through the day and notify him about which things earned him merits for obedience or demerits for disobedience. I do this each evening, when we both arrive home from work and again at bedtime. I do it a couple of times when we are together all day on weekends. William lives to earn merits and avoid demerits.

He is awarded merits for things like completion of chores, giving me a complete body massage, a pedicure, or putting a good shine on my boots and work pumps. He can receive demerits  when he ignores me when he’s watching TV, interrupts me or corrects me in social settings, or becomes bratty.

At bedtime I review his tally of merits and let him know whether he has earned enough to earn rewards such as being granted the privilege of worshipping my feet or derriere, being allowed out of his chastity device for a few minutes to touch his penis, or if he has earned enough to be allowed to masturbate or receive a handjob from me.

The merits and demerits system has proven very helpful in developing William as a more obedient, submissive and obsequious husband. One of my pet peeves when we are out socializing, is when William corrects me or interrupts me when we are talking. When he has a few drinks, he has a tendency to become very loquacious and he sometimes dominate social conversation. I have developed a look I can give him with just a very subtle raise of an eyebrow that lets him know that he is earning demerits. It has become very effective at silencing him. He has become such a polite companion when we are out and has helped him develop much better listening skills. Other wives often comment on how polite and respectful he is toward me and others. Other wives have asked me what my secret is.


6 thoughts on “Rewards for a Husband’s Obedience.

    • Because of our careers, we would not feel comfortable disclosing much about our lifestyle. We also have certain friends we might disclose parts to but not to most of our family. Our family and friends know that I am the primary Breadwinner in our family and that William is our house husband. This is nothing very outlandish or scandalous in our family or circle of friends.

      The other things, like chastity play, and our dominant wife/submissive husband activities are things we keep more private.
      What our friends and family mostly see in public, is William being an incredible gentleman and that he caters a lot to my needs. Family and friends know that, when I say, “Honey, I’d like to go home”, that William gets our coats and says “goodbye” and prepares to leave. When any of his buddies invite him out for a beer, they know that he will call home first to check with me. This is not anything really unusual. Most of his buddies do the same with their wives. Most see it as just a polite courtesy in a marital relationship. Most of the wives in our circle of friends know that social commitments are a marital decision. The wives of most of our couples friends might say to him, “Can the two of you go out to dinner with us Friday night? Check with your wife and get back with me”.

      I am not the mean and demanding sort of wife who will deny my husband an evening out with the guys. There might be times when I say, “Oh, I was hoping we could go to a movie tonight to see that new film I want to see. If you go out with your buddies tonight, I’d like you to save tomorrow night to go to a movie with me”

      The only time we feel comfortable doing public displays of my more extreme dominance and the public humiliation that William enjoys, is when we travel out of town where people aren’t likely to know us.

  1. SnowWhite says:

    When the wife happy everybody’s happy, is our marriage philosophy. Wife is a Goddess, who deserves all.
    If I was very happy with his behavior, then allow him to take a bath with me. We took a shower together in the morning. I say to him to licking me down there. I tell him that he is a wonderful husband…

  2. Pam says:

    Just wondering if you were still in the land of the living. I check your blog quite often and am always interested in what some other women are doing with their spouses. I enjoy your writings and have applied some to my husband. Just wondering. Take care, Pam

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