Treated Like a Queen at My Work Conference.

I had a conference I had to attend and, since William has quite a bit of vacation time, I had him come along with me. My employer put me up at the nice hotel where the conference was being held and we had a very nice room.

It was nice to have William along. It has been some time since he has been allowed out of his device and I’m not sure how long it’s been since he’s had a release, although he could tell you. Men seem to keep close track on such things.

It was a three-day conference and I had one presentation to give and was in a number of professional meetings each day. I had my best business suits and shoes and it was nice to have William there to make sure that my shoes were polished and that my skirt and blouse were freshly pressed each morning.

It was nice to have William join me for meals during the conference and to have him there to snuggle with at night. William did an excellent job of taking care of me those few days so I put all of the treat slips in a box and let him pick a slip for a treat. The slip he drew was for some time out of his device without an orgasm. I got the key out of my makeup bag and unlocked the cage. I made him keep the back ring on because that’s a little harder to get back on when he’s erect.

As soon as the cage was off he immediately wrapped his hand around his penis, squeezed it a little bit and let out a big satisfied sigh. It’s always so amazing to watch him when he gets to touch his penis for the first time in weeks. He looks like a little boy who’s just discovered his pee pee for the first time. Honestly, men and their love affair with their penis. I think, at moments like this, he would bend over, if he could, and kiss it.

I let him have some time to play with it while I read my book.

While he was touching himself he rolled over to kiss me and snuggle with me and started sneaking a little rubbing action against my thigh, through my nightgown. I let it go because he had been really good that day. When he started dribbling a little and leaving a wet spot of my nightgown, I figured it was time for him to go back into his chastity device. I told him hands off and had him put his hands behind his head and went back to reading my book until his erection went down and we could get his cage back on. The poor boy always looks so sad when he has to be locked back up, looking down at his caged penis, and knowing that it could be a very long time before he gets to touch it again. He always gets a sad expression on his face like a little boy who’s just been told that he can’t play anymore video games and it’s time to go to bed.

It’s always nice to have him with me at one of these conferences. He does wonderful little things like trotting down to the continental breakfast in the morning to bring me a few things while I soak in a bath and prepare for my day at the conference.

On our second night William asked if he could go down to the hotel bar to drink a beer. I told him he could and I read my book for a while before going to sleep. I’m not sure how many beers William had or when he came back to the room but the next morning I noticed he had made a bit of a mess of my toilet where he had splattered when peeing.

I had a presentation to prepare and I told him he needed to clean up the bathroom and toilet. Just then, the maid knocked on the door to see if we needed the room cleaned. I told her that all we needed were some fresh towels and the trash emptied. I told her that my husband was taking care of the bathroom. She looked in the bathroom and saw William with his shirt off, on his hands and knees, wiping down the toilet. She insisted that she do it and I told her absolutely not. I told her that my husband was the one who made the mess and that he would clean it up. I told her that, even though she was a maid, no woman should ever have to clean up a toilet used by a man. I told her that this is what he does at home and it’s no different for him to do it here. Besides, it’s all because he broke the rule against standing to pee, that caused him to make a mess in the first place. She was very nice and offered again and she said it was smart of me to have a rule against standing to pee. I told her that, while I’m sure she would be cleaning plenty of toilets today, I was not going to have her clean up any toilet that my husband used. She was a very sweet young woman and I found out that her name was Maria.

William was in the bathroom wiping down the toilet and she offered him the use of her toilet brush and some rubber gloves and toilet bowl cleaner. I asked her to wait and had William wash his hands. I asked him to bring me my purse and I took his wallet out, handed it to him and told him to pull out a $20 bill. I had him give it to her and apologize for making such a mess in her bathroom.

She thanked me and said that she wished more women could get their husbands to behave so well. I had William follow her out to her cart to bring our fresh towels and then return to his cleaning chore. When he was finished cleaning I told him, that because he had done such a good job, he could beg for a foot worship session. I let him kneel at my feet to kiss and massage them. This always turns William on so. I could see him shifting his legs around trying to relieve some of the pressure on his penis as it was straining inside his cage.

We had a very nice dinner one night in the fancy restaurant at the hotel. I had William go down ahead to secure our reservation. I had him put his jacket and a sweater of mine at our seats to reserve them and text me when our seats were ready so I didn’t have to wait to be seated.

He knows that I expect him to meet me at the hostess station when I arrive so I don’t have to walk into the dining room looking lost and searching for him. He was waiting there to greet me when I arrived. The hostess had offered that he could wait at the bar to have a drink while he was waiting for me but he knew better and told her that he was not allowed to do that and that he was expected to wait there to greet me.

That hostess led us to our seats and William pulled out my chair for me to seat me. I ordered a glass of wine and William asked if he could order a beer and I told him that he could. It has been quite a few weeks since William’s last release and he has frequent spontaneous erections when he has gone this long. He says that each one, as he feels it filling up his penis cage, serves as an effective reminder that he must be on his best behavior so that he can earn his next orgasm.

He was certainly on his best behavior on this night. He was such a good listener. We had a very nice conversation and shared a few laughs. I can think of no finer dining companion, for a woman, than an extremely horny husband who is locked in chastity.

I imagine William had a difficult time because there were lots of attractive women around. Our waitress was cute, our hostess was cute, and there were several very attractive and well-dressed women who passed by our table. William was completely respectful and attentive to me and never allowed his eyes to wander. This was always a problem for William in the past, but not since he’s been placed in chastity.
It is always quite impressive when some gorgeous woman walks by and William’s eyes never leave mine. He doesn’t even dare to sneak a peek at other women because he knows it could earn him weeks longer locked in his device without a release or even a chance to wrap his hand around his precious penis.

William says that his chastity device is rarely uncomfortable but that he is always aware that it’s there, firmly locked around his genitals. He says that constant awareness serves as a form of mental conditioning that reminds him to always be obedient and to never do anything that he knows will displease me. I can see how difficult it is for him sometimes when our waitress is extremely beautiful. He will make eye contact briefly and smile, just to be polite, but he struggles with not looking or checking her out. It is a lifelong habit of his that had become so automatic for him that he often wasn’t even aware that he did it. It took some time for me to recondition his behavior through chastity. But now he is mine beautiful and adoring husband who devotes all of his attention to me. It’s fun to see the reaction of other women. I’m no breathtaking beauty or anything really special and I think they often wonder, “Wow, that man really seems to adore her. What is her spell that she has over him?”

It has gotten so that William almost seems a little fearful of being in the presence of beautiful women. He still gets flirted with some by women of all ages when we are out socially. They sense what a sweet and gentlemanly guy he is and see him as safe to flirt with. Even younger women will often flirt with him because he has that kindly big botherly or fatherly energy going for him.

When we go out socially, I often like to add the Points of Intrigue device to his chastity device. It has little dull stubbs that poke into his penis when he gets an erection. He assures me that it is not painful but that it is uncomfortable when he gets hard.


Sometimes when we are out at a party, I see William across the room when some young woman begins flirting with him. I can tell the moment he begins to get aroused by her flirtation and things are getting uncomfortable for him. He will look around the room to see where I am and will immediately come to my side. He will usually squeeze my hand and give me a little kiss. It’s as if he’s saying, Please protect me from all the scary pretty girls. They’re hurting me”.

It’s a little naughty of me, but sometimes I like to torment him by making him hard. William’s ears are very sensual for him. I will sometimes pretend that I have a secret to tell him and will pretend to whisper in his ear.  Then I kiss, nibble, and lick his ear which immediately gets him very hard.

After we paid our bill at the restaurant I motioned for William to lean over to me and I pretended to whisper in his ear and gave him a little nibble. I could tell that he was immediately uncomfortable down there as he got erect and was being poked by the points of intrigue. I told him that, when I removed his device at bedtime to remove the Points of Intrigue device, that he would get a special treat for being such an obedient and attentive husband all evening. That got him even harder and he was really squirming at that point. He was very happy to down the last of his beer and go up to our room.

The Points of Intrigue have to be removed at bedtime because William gets such robust erections through the night that they become painful for him. When we were ready for bed, I tied William’s hands behind his back so he wouldn’t be naughty and touching himself and I removed his chastity cage and the Points of Intrigue attachment. I gave him a handjob and used my mouth on him some but stopped short of him having an orgasm. I didn’t want to have that post orgasm lethargy that he experiences when I let him come.

It was all driving him absolutely nuts and it was fun to watch him squirm. Before he had a chance to come, I stopped and announced that it was time for him to go back to his cage. He begged to have his hands untied so that he could touch his penis. I reminded him that it is not his penis to touch and that it belongs to me. He seemed so horny and he was very hard. Then I told him that I wanted him inside of me. I told him and I wanted him to take me and take me forcefully. His hands were still tied and he rolled over on top of me. I clamped my legs tight and he tried wedging his knees between mine to spread my legs and try to get his penis inside of me. Without his hands to help he wasn’t able to get my legs apart he struggled for a minute and I just kept saying, “What’s the matter sweetie don’t you want to be inside of me? Wouldn’t it feel so good to come inside me? Do it baby. Take me.” He couldn’t get in so then I said, “If you can’t do it, you’ll have to use your mouth on me”.

He wiggled down, I opened my legs, and he went down on me with his mouth. He was so horny that he went at it very enthusiastically. I had a really nice orgasm and he seemed to really enjoy himself. When we were done, he was so hard I had to soak a washcloth in the ice bucket and place it on his genitals to get him to lose his erection so I could get his cage back on and lock him up. I untied his hands and we snuggled. As I drifted off to sleep I could feel him trembling next to me and hear him whimpering Softly. I think he enjoyed himself.


Our First BDSM Party

William has always wanted us to go to a BDSM play party. I have always been reluctant because of my position in my career. Recently, William found a play party that was in town a couple of hours from our home. I thought it unlikely that I would run into anybody I know there so we agreed to go and check it out.

We traveled to the city on the day of the gathering which was a Saturday. It was at a banquet hall in one of the less fancy hotels in town. William wanted us to go in costumes. William was really hoping that I would wear some dominatrix costume. I told him I was feeling embarrassed and was not willing to wear some outlandish looking costume. I compromised by copying this look by wearing a severe looking outfit with a black pencil skirt and a white silky blouse, and heels.

William wanted to go wearing a collar and have me lead him by a leash. I agreed to him wearing a collar and me carrying a leash but not leading him around by it. I felt embarrassed to lead him around like a dog. As far as clothes, William just wore jeans and a button-up shirt.

When we arrived at the banquet hall they had signs up that told us we were in the right place but didn’t reveal much to outsiders who might come along. There was someone at the door to greet us and confirm that we were there for the play party. There was a reception table where they charged a cover charge to cover the cost of the rental of the hall and some refreshments they provided. There was also a cash bar.

There were two young women checking people in at the reception table and one asked me if I was dominant or submissive. The other woman interrupted her and said, “Well look at her, obviously she’s the dominant”. I said, “Yes”, and the first woman tied a red ribbon around my forearm. They pointed to William and said, “So this is your submissive?” I said that he was and they tied a pink ribbon around William’s forearm. I asked why they put ribbons on us and one of the women explained that it was so other attendees would know how to interact with us.

One of the women pointed to William and said, “I assume that this is your pet?” I said that he was and she said, “I see that you already have him collared, which is good. You’ll want to put him on his leash now”. So I clipped the leash that I had draped over my arm onto William’s collar. So he ended up having it the way he wanted.

Once we entered the hall it was a scene the likes of which I had never seen before. There were plenty of people in various types of costumes. There were lots of men and women wearing various articles of leather clothing. I could tell which way people were oriented by the ribbon around their arm. There were a lot of people wearing all black clothing for some reason.

There were other women who were leading men on leashes and a few men who were leading women around on leashes. There were men without shirts on but leather straps criss-crossing their chest and swords hanging from their belt. I guess they were supposed to be Gladiators or something. Some of the people remind me of the people you see at a Renaissance Festival.

There were a number of women dressed in some fairly extreme dominatrix outfits. There were some gay couples where one was clearly dominant and the other one was submissive. There were also a few men cross-dressed in women’s clothing but none who passed very well for women. There were people who were dressed only in their underwear and a few women who were wearing only a bikini top or jog brs and a small skater skirt.

They had cash bar and snack table with a few things to eat. William and I both got a drink and found a couple of seats at a table. At one end of the hall there was a riser set up, sort of like a stage, and off to the side there were some bondage devices set up. One was a big wooden X mounted on a frame that people occasionally used to tie their partner on. There was another thing that looked to me like a small gymnast’s vaulting horse that I later learned was a spanking bench.

Near where we were sitting there were three very attractive young women who had a man, wearing nothing but women’s underpants and a collar. They had a leash attached to his collar and we’re taking turns riding him like a large dog or pony and they were swatting him with a riding crop as they rode him.

William said that he would like that but I was worried that I would hurt his back. William assured me that I wouldn’t hurt him if I sat far enough back, more over his hips, rather than in the middle of his back. So I told William I would ride him over to the bar to get another drink. He got on his hands and knees and I sat on his back and rode him over to the bar. As we were returning one of the young women riding the other man, asked me why my pet had so many clothes on. I didn’t know how to answer exactly. She told me that pets usually aren’t allowed to wear many clothes. They said they couldn’t be completely naked at this event but they could be naked just short of showing private parts. It sort of seems like she was instructing me as to some kind of unspoken set of rules, which I didn’t care for. But I went along with it and had William take his shiry off. When I walked in, I felt like the place was pretty warm and now I figured that it was probably due to the number of people who were almost naked.

Now, with William shirtless and collared, I rode him once around the table where we were sitting. One of the women sitting near us at the table was a heavy-set, large breasted woman who was dressed in a red leather lace-up corset, a black leather skirt, and black leather boots. She had leather arm bands and a number of tattoos on her arms and across her back. She asked me if I had a riding crop and when I said that I didn’t, she reached into a large gym style bag and pulled out one to loan me. I thanked her and swatted William a few times.

William seemed to be enjoying himself and begged to worship my shoes and feet. I let him kiss and lick my shoes for a while before slipping them off and allowing him to kiss my feet and massage them. I was a little embarrassed because these are things we normally do in the privacy of our own home. I was eventually able to just forget about my shyness and enjoy it.

We were not the only couple doing things like this and there were people doing things that were far more extreme. I noticed there were a number of women, and one gay couple, who had the leash attached to their pets chastity device. I unclipped William’s leash from his collar, unzipped his pants, and put it through the opening and clipped it on the back ring of his chastity device. When I reached in his shorts to attach the leash I noticed that he had a large erection that was straining inside his chastity device and the inside of his shorts were sticky, indicating that he had come a little. There seemed to be a lot of things going on that excited him.

The next time we went to get drinks I led William by his leash attached to his chastity device. There were periodically people who got up on the stage and put on little demonstrations of elaborate bondage with complicated knots, or publicly paddled their submissive. As we watched the people William kissed and massaged my feet and I periodically yanked on his leash.

At one point, I needed to go to the bathroom and I told William to stay put. The large woman in the red corset offered to hold his leash while I was gone. She asked if it was alright to have him do some pet tricks and I said, “okay”.

When I returned from the ladies room corset woman had William sitting up on his haunches begging for treats. She was tossing little pretzels in his mouth. After each one he would say, “Thank you Mistress Simone, may I please have another?” Corset lady had routed William’s leash,from where it came up from his chastity device, and passed it through the collar around his neck. In between each time that he begged for another pretzel, she would put the leash under one of her boots and pull on it directing William’s head down to her boots. He would then kiss the top of her boot and say, “Please Mistress Simone, may I have another”. She would then lift the leash high and tell him to sit up pretty and beg. He would sit up and beg for another and she would pop another pretzel in his mouth.

When Mistress Simone saw that I had returned from the ladies room, she put her foot next to mine and slipped William’s leash under her heel and pulled on it directing his head down to our feet. She then told William, Kiss your mistress’s feet”. As she pulled on the leash it pulled his head down to my foot and he kissed my shoe. She said to me, “I hope you don’t mind, I’ve been teaching your pet some tricks”. I said that was fine. Mistress Simone then folded William’s leash up and held it to his mouth. He took the folded leash in his mouth and she said, “Present your leash to your mistress”. William crawled to me and raised up on his haunches and extended his mouth up to me offering me his leash. I took the leash from him, patted him on the head, said’ “Good boy”, then I led him back to my seat and thanked mistress Simone. I  was learning so much.

 We watched some people using the spanking bench. They strapped their submissive partner on the bench and used various implements that were laid out on a table, to paddle and whip their partner. William said that he would like to try that. Later when no one was using it, I lead William over to the spanking bench and ordered him to stand. I was struggling trying to figure out how to work the straps that secured him to the bench when this very tall man wearing leather pants, a leather vest and leather arm bands came over and asked if I wanted him to show me how to use the bench. He suggested that I might want to pull Williams pants down before securing him to the bench so he would feel the paddling more. He told me that everyone had to leave at least under pants on. I ordered William to unbuckle his pants and pull them down around his ankles. The man showed me how to secure the leather armbands and buckles around William’s arms and ankles, securing his arms and legs with him bent over the bench.

The man told me that he went by the play name of Lord Edward. He was tall, broad-shouldered and very muscular. He looked like he probably worked out and lifted weights. He seemed very nice and was very helpful. He was wearing a red armband like mine. I thanked him and he went back to his seat.

I tried some of the various paddles and whips on William period after a while it looked like there were other people waiting to use the bench so I finished up and released William. There was a sign by the bench asking people to clean the bench of perspiration with sanitizing solution and paper towels that were on the table. I cleaned the bench and straps and William and I went to get another drink.
I was seated at one of the tables and William was kneeling at my feet massaging them. Lord Edward came over and asked how I liked the spanking bench and I told him it was okay. He very politely asked permission to sit next to me and I said he could. We chatted and he asked me how long I had been in the dominant relationship with William. He asked questions about whether we were role play or lifestyle BDSM participants. He asked me if I knew what a bull was and I told him that I had red about it some on the internet. He asked me if I had ever had a bowl and I told him that I hadn’t. He asked me if I was interested. I told him that I hadn’t really thought about it much before. We chatted some more and he asked me if he could give me his phone number and I said he could. He told me to call him if I ever decided that I wanted to try a bull relationship. He said we could do it for just a day if I wanted, sometime, to see what it was like. I thanked him for his number and offered no commitment one way or the other. He got up and thanked me and asked if he could give me a hug. I said he could and we hugged briefly. He had long arms and was very strong and gave a very nice hug. I thanked him for his help with the spanking bench. He was very warm and flirtatious with me and said that he had enjoyed talking with me very much and hoped that I would call him sometime.

William and I watched other displays by other couples and went home after a while. William said that he enjoyed the time a lot and we agreed we might try it again sometime.


Fifty Shades of Pink: Dominant Women Submissive Men and Dominant Wives and Submissive Husbands

I have been Amazed by the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey books and movies. When William and I were browsing in a adult toy store, we noticed that there is a signature line of Fifty Shades of Grey blindfolds and whips. They looked pretty cheaply made and were expensive.

It seems to be a huge fantasy for many women. The popularity seemed to explode after the books and movies came out. I wonder why there has not been a comprable series for submissive men. Based on the emails and messages I get, I know that there are plenty of submissive men out there. I am surprised that someone has not come up with something.

I never imagined that I would delve as deep into the female domination play as I have with William. But since we have come this far, I have come to find it enjoyable. I like the sense of empowerment that it gives me. I like being fully in charge of my body and my sexuality. I like knowing that I will never be coerced to do anything that I don’t like or don’t want to do. I love that William has an accommodating nature and derives pleasure and arousal from acting in a submissive role toward me.

I have come to really appreciate and love having a husband who takes joy in cooking for me and treating me like I am his Queen. I love that he derives pleasure from pleasing me in bed and making me the center of focus so often. It amazes me that more couples don’t play in this way. I wonder, even if someone did write a 50 Shades of Pink book about female dominant play, if men would be too embarrassed to buy it.


My Holiday Date

My sister had a holiday party to go to and asked me to go as her wing gal. I didn’t tell William that I was going somewhere with my sister, just that I was going out Saturday night. I know that he would likely assume I was really going out with my imaginary lover Vincente.

One of William’s Favorite Things is to get me ready to go out. I decided to take advantage of this and avail myself of an all-day spa day at home. It’s a lot of work for William but he seems to enjoy pampering me and dressing me up to send me out with others. When I awoke Saturday morning I had William give me a long massage to help me wake up slowly and then he brought me my breakfast tray, paper, and coffee. Can you massage my feet why lie 8 and read my morning paper. I let him enjoy a session of kissing and worshipping my feet as well.

Then I watched some TV while William pumiced my feet and trimmed and buffed my nails. Then I had him draw me a bath and bathe me. Then I watched an old romantic comedy on TV Wally did my mani pedi. He got distracted few times and I had to have him remove the Polish to do it right. I told him that I was wearing party sandals and that my nails needed to be done just so.

After lunch I had William give me a long massage to help me relax and settle down for an afternoon beauty nap while William got caught up on his chores. I used my vibrator while William rubbed moisturizing lotion on my legs. I had a nice orgasm which helped me drift off to sleep for my nap.

When I awoke it was time to do my hair and makeup and get dressed. I had William go to the drawer where I keep special lingerie I only wear for Vincente and had him cut the tags off some new pieces I had purchased. I had bought a pair of underpants that tied with bows and let William tie the ties in neat bows for me. I found this item on line.


I also used the occasion to buy a new dress and had him cut the tags off of that and lay it out for me. I found an outfit like this.


William loves to dress me and help me groom to go out. He seems to really enjoy treating me like some kind of princess or queen. William has experimented with doing my hair from time to time and has gotten pretty good with some styles. This time he asked to put a braid in my hair. He braided a ribbon in it that was the same color as my dress and I thought it looked quite lovely.

The dress I chose had a sash that tied in a bow as well, and William asked me why so many bows. I told him it’s because I was Vincente’s Christmas present and he was going to get to unwrap me. This got William very excited and he begged to be let out of chastity. He had been so good at getting me ready and it had been so long for him, that I decided to let him out to come. But I made sure to make him beg for it so it would mean more to him. I also reviewed his post orgasm expectations with him because his attitude and level of obedience trails off so horribly whenever I let him have an orgasm.

His begging was so romantic and so beautiful. He told me what an honor it was to be allowed to serve me, pamper me and dress me. He told me that I am a goddess among women and he feels honored to be allowed the privilege to kneel at my feet and kiss them, which he was doing at that moment. He told me that one of his greatest pleasures was to dress me, and to make me my most beautiful so that others good admire me.

I asked him what his expectations would be if I allowed him out of his chastity cage to have an orgasm. He told me that he knew he would have to work on not becoming moody and withdrawn, and to maintain his attentiveness and obedience toward me.

I told him that I wanted him back in his device immediately after he was finished without complaint. He whined a little and asked if he could stay out for a while. I reviewed with him the reasons why it was important for him to wear his chastity device.

I reminded him that he had initially come to me begging to be placed in a chastity device. He was still kneeling at my feet  and I stroked his hair as we talked. I asked him why he had wanted to be in chastity. He said, “Because I had become addicted to masturbating to swimsuit and lingerie catalogs and was playing with myself incessantly”.

“And why did you need my help with this?”

“As a man I had become out of control with my sexual fixations and you, as a woman, have a better temperament and self control to help me.” 

“And why was your behavior inappropriate?”

“Because the women in those catalogs are younger than half my age and I need to focus on women my own age, or you.”

“And why was that behavior unhealthy for our marriage and disrespectful to me?”

“Because I was focusing all of my sexual attention on women who were an inappropriate age for a man my age and I was depriving you of the marital sexual relationship you’re entitled to.”

“And and why did you think I was the one who could best help you with your problem?”

“Because, as a woman, you have a more even temperament that is not driven by testosterone and sexually obsessive behavior.”

“And if I allow you a few minutes out of your chastity device to touch yourself and to ejaculate, what needs to happen afterward?”

“I need to immediately go back into my device and work to maintain my same level of obedience and attentiveness to you.”

I told him “very good” and said that he could put my shoes on me and kiss them as he masturbated. I got the key from the lock box and unlocked it. He was so hard I had to tug on his little penis cage to get it off. He immediately wrapped his hand around his penis and just held it. I love the look that he gets on his face when he’s allowed to touch it for the first time in a long while. He gets a look on his face like a little boy who has just discovered his pee pee for the first time.

I had him put on a condom so he didn’t make a mess and stain my new shoes. I set his timer for  two minutes. I patted his head as I browsed through a magazine and monitored his timer to call out each interval. He got very excited in the last 30 seconds, afraid that he wouldn’t be able to come before his time was up, but he had no problem. It had been a very long time for him.

After he cleaned up I locked him back in his device. He sighed a big sigh when I clicked the lock shut.

I had him fetch me the bottle of perfume, the fragrance I only wear when I go out with Vincente. I also had him go to the special lingerie drawer that I reserve only for Vincente and had him get my babydoll nightie and had him fold it neatly and put it in a little lingerie bag and slip it in my purse.

I set out some beers for William in the refrigerator as a reward for his good behaviour that day and I left for the party. I gave William a little goodbye kiss on the cheek so as not to smudge my lipstick.

The party was fun. I missed having William there but I enjoyed the time with my sister. I liked her friends and co-workers who were there. I got lots of compliments on my dress and hair.

When I arrived home I stopped in the garage to dab on a bit of the men’s cologne that I use has Vincente’s signature fragrance. I untied the ties to my underpants and slipped them off and put them in my purse.

When I walked into the house I noticed that William was half sleeping half watching TV. I noticed that he had drank much of the beer that I left for him. I also brought home a six pack of an interesting craft beer from a new microbrewery and presented it to William. He asked why I was giving him the beer and I told him that it was a gift from Vincente. I said, “Vincente said that he wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on my hair and nails. He said that I looked particularly lovely tonight and he was proud to have me on his arm and to show me off to his friends”.

This got William very excited. He put the beer in the refrigerator, popped the cap on one for him to drink and followed me to the bedroom. I sat on the end of my bed and William knelt at my feet and was fondling my feet and shoes. He begged to kiss my shoes and feet and I said that he could.

William could smell Vincente’s scent on me and he became very excited. He was kissing my legs in his worshipful manner as he moved up to my thighs and worked his way under the skirt of my dress. He stopped for a moment when he noticed that I wasn’t wearing my underpants. He seemed so excited. Even though he had just had an orgasm earlier in the evening, and had been drinking quite a bit of beer, he had a fairly robust erection straining against his penis cage. He was kissing all over my thighs voraciously and paused briefly to say, “May I please worship at the temple and taste your nectar?” I told him that I was a little tired and that I had been drinking and that I wasn’t sure I could come again, but he begged so sweetly.

I said that he could and he went at it quite deliciously and with his usual worshipful manner. It felt quite nice. At one point he came up for air and bag to come inside me. I pushed his head away and sat up and said, “This reminds me, there’s something I need to talk with you about”.

William was breathing heavily from the excitement but asked what it was. I said, “Vincent asked me to promise him that no other man will ever be allowed inside of me”. William asked, “What did you tell him?”

“I promised him that he would be the only one. He’s one of those men who can’t stand the idea of another man laying his seed inside his woman.” William said, “But I love being inside of you, I want to be able to do that sometimes”. I said, “But Sweetie, you’re usually content to play with yourself or to get a handjob. And one of your favorite things is to be allowed to come between my feet. Vincente says that he’s fine with you doing those things, and he loves what a wonderful job you do of taking care of me and dressing me for our dates”.

William had his face buried between my thighs and begged, “Please please don’t shut me out of being inside of you. I love being able to do that”. I patted him on the head and stroked his hair for comfort and said, “I’m sorry Sweetie, I had to promise Vincente, otherwise I could lose him”.

Then William begged to be allowed to come inside of me one last time. He went back to intermittently kissing me down there and begging and begging to be allowed to come inside of me one last time. I told him what a dilemma it was for me, because it would be breaking my promise to Vincente. Finally, after a lot of begging and voracious kissing and worshipping of my body from William, I told him that I would allow him to come inside of me one last time and that I would just have to explain it to Vincent.

I had William help me off with my dress and hang it up for me and wipe the bottom of my shoes and put them away in their box. Then I told him he could pick one of my sexy nightgowns for me to wear for him. I told him, “I want to make your last time inside of me special so that you’ll remember it for a long time”.

William nodded at the little nightgown that was hanging out of my purse and I told him, “I’m sorry Sweetie, you know I can’t wear that one for you. You’ll have to pick a different one”. He rummaged through the lingerie drawer where I keep my nightgowns and found one he liked and he help me on with it.

William was kneeling upright on the bed and tugged on his chastity device, pulling the lock in my direction, and said, “Can you get the key now?” I said, “Well let’s do a little more foreplay on me before we get the key”.

William was very excited and went back to pleasuring me with his mouth and generally worshipping my body with lots of kisses. After a while, I stopped him and got the key from the lock box. He was trembling as I worked the tumblers of the combination and he trembled even more when he heard the jingle of the keys when I removed them from the box. He was trembling so much that I had trouble getting the key into the keyhole of the lock and had to have him lie down on his back.  I removed the cage from his chastity device and had him remove the back ring so it wouldn’t be uncomfortable while we were making love. His erection was not as robust as it had been earlier in the day, presumably because of his earlier orgasm and all the beer he had to drink.

I handed William a condom and said, “Here, you’ll have to wear this”. William asked, “A condom why?” I said, “That way, when I confess my broken promise to Vincente, I can at least tell him that you didn’t lay your seed in me. That’s a big deal for him”.

William reached to slip off the underpantie from my nightgown and I raised up so that he could slip it off. I sucked on his penis to make him really hard. Even with my best effort, he didn’t seem to get his hardest. I told him that he could come inside of me and he kissed me down there one more time and thanked me for the privilege of being allowed inside the temple. He slipped inside me and it felt pretty good, even with as much as I had to drink that evening. I think the alcohol helped me relax and make things go a little easier.

William went at it very enthusiastically but he wasn’t that hard. After a minute, he seemed to lose his erection. He just didn’t seem able to get fully erect because of the earlier orgasm he had and all of the beer he drank. I felt him become flaccid and I gave a little Kaegel squeeze and his penis popped out. The condom fell off and I told him he  could leave it off. I worked on him with my hand for a minute to help him get hard again and invited him back in.

Once he was in, I said, “Are you in sweetie?” he said he was and I said, “Oh I couldn’t really tell if you were inside of me or not. I think I’ve gotten larger down there recently”. This really seemed to turn him on and I could feel him get a little harder inside of me. That amazes me that something like that wood turn a man on.

He seemed very excited and I kept whispering in his ear, “That’s right Sweetie, we have to make this time special. I want your last time inside of me to be very special”. This seemed to make him very excited and I could feel him get a little larger inside of me each time I whispered it in his ear.

We went at it for quite a while and he seemed to have a hard time staying inside of me and coming. I kept whispering in his ear, “That’s right baby make it special, make your last time special”, and that seemed to help him stay harder and keep going.

In spite of all of this excitement, he never seemed to be his hardest. Finally it seemed like he was about to come and just then he pulled back to have a deep thrust, and when he did, his penis popped out and he ended up ejaculating on my thigh. He tried to enter me again but he was already going soft and was unable to re-enter me. He moaned and collapsed. I said, “Congratulations, Sweetie, you came!” He said, “It wasn’t very much”. I said, “That’s okay Sweetie, the important thing is that you got to be inside of me one last time and you came. Hopefully this will give you something fun to remember. From now on, maybe this can be a nice memory you’ll have that you can masturbate to. And, another good thing is that I can tell Vincente that you didn’t come inside of me. That will make it a little easier for him to accept”.

Then I said, “Be a dear and get my vibrator and I’ll have an orgasm too, and you can kiss and worship my feet if you like”. William asked if he could worship and kiss my behind instead so I rolled on my side and pleasured myself with my vibrator while he kissed and worshipped my behind.

When I was finished, I started to drift off to sleep and then I became aware that William was rubbing on himself trying to masturbate. He wasn’t having any luck getting hard again. Then I said, “What needs to happen now Sweetie?” William stopped playing with himself and said, with a tone of resignation, “I need to go back into my device”.  I told him that was right and had him get his chastity device and put it back on. When everything was in place, I had him present me with the lock and I clicked it in place. Then I said, “You have certainly had a lot of action today. Hopefully this will hold you over for a few months”. “A few months?”, William said, and I said, “Yes, the holidays are over and it’s time for us to get back to a routine”. I could hear the lock clacking against his chastity device as William tugged on it and then we drifted off to sleep.


Holiday Torment for My Poor Boy

We’ve had a couple of holiday parties to attend lately. We love getting dressed up in holiday attire but sometimes I know it’s rough for William to be out with all of the pretty women in their cute little holiday dresses. He’s left feeling so frustrated locked in his little chastity cage. But there are some real benefits to me, having him locked in chastity.

With William locked in Chastity and horny, I know that he will never wander too far from me. He likes the comfort of knowing where I am and that I’m close by. He Loves the way some women play flirt with him but then it always comes to that part where it becomes painful when he gets crammed in his little penis cage. Some women who know us seem to enjoy play flirting or “sister flirting” with William. They seem to sense that our relationship is strong and they find it charming, how devoted he seems to me.  Women seem to flirt with William a lot. He can be quite socially charming, and perceptive women figure out quickly that he is completely harmless and completely devoted to me. Also they know that I am not the jealous type.

Whenever William becomes aroused to the point of discomfort, he comes to my side for comfort. He comes to me like a little puppy looking for protection from bigger dogs. The chastity device is better than a shocking dog collar. If he becomes too aroused he removes himself from the situation and comes to my side for comfort, hoping for some reassurance that I might soon allow him time out of his chastity device and possibly an orgasm. It’s so sweet when he runs to my side like that. It’s as if he is looking for me to protect him from the scary sexy ladies who only cause him frustration and discomfort. It seems to comfort him to be in the presence of his key holder. Often he will take my hand and squeeze it gently, put his head on my shoulder, and kiss me for reassurance. 

It’s also nice knowing that he is constantly checking to be reassured that I am nearby so that I can let him know when I need my drink refilled. Whenever I finish a drink all I have to do is wait for the next moment when William looks in my direction and motion to him that I need another drink and he takes care of it promptly. Since he is my designated driver he knows that he is limited to two drinks, through the evening, unless he gets permission from me and I decide that we will take a cab or Uber ride home. This gives me the opportunity to decide whether or not I feel comfortable leaving my car somewhere all night and having to send William back for it in the morning.

I think William was getting pretty horny. At one point, when he came to my side for comfort and reassurance I led him to one of our hostesses back bedrooms and locked the door. I allowed him to kneel in front of me and then I sat on the edge of the bed and allowed him to worship at my temple while I firmly kicked him in his balls with my heels, just like he likes. That’s right, he likes that! Men are hard to understand sometimes. We eventually returned to the party. 

Later I was visiting with a young woman who had been married just a little over a year. She noticed that I finished my drink and offered to get us fresh drinks. I told her to sit down and said, “Sweetie, you’re a married woman now. We married women don’t fetch our own drinks. That’s why we have husbands.” I only had to wait for a few seconds before William looked in my direction and I held up my glass to indicate that I needed a drink. He came over to us immediately and said, “What can I get you to drink darling?” I told him what I wanted and asked if he would be a dear and get a drink for my friend Jessica as well. He did and I added that we would both like a plate of food. William had to make two trips but he was such a gentleman and made me very proud.

Jessica expressed amazement at how cooperative William was and said that she wasn’t sure her husband would do the same for her. I told her, “Sweetie, we control their access to the vagina. A man will do a great many things to stay  in our good graces and win our favor.”  She liked that and we had a good laugh. She said that she had never thought of it quite that way and I said, “Yes that’s right, we have the vagina, so we make the rules.” Jessica laughed at that and said she liked it.

At one point Jessica’s husband came by to see how she was doing and she told him, rather seductively, that she might want to go home soon, but that she’d like one more drink. She said, “Would you be a dear and get me another drink? He agreed and she took my class and said, “Oh and one for my friend also, please?” He went to get our drinks. Jessica said that was easier than I thought. We have the vagina so we make the rules right?” “That’s right”, I said.

Jessica and I both took turns getting our husbands to get us drinks and bring us food from the food table. They were such attentive dears, both of them.

At one point, when William checked in with me, I told him that my shoes we’re hurting my feet. William loved the outfit that I put together but the shoes were not the most comfortable, unfortunately.


He slid a chair over in front of me and sat down and I put my feet in his lap. And un-did the buckle on the ankle straps and slipped my shoes off and gave me a very nice foot massage. I thanked him and he bent over and kissed my feet and gently slipped my shoes back on and buckled the ankle strap. He asked if there was anything else and I told him that he could go mingle. Jessica remarked about what a sweet gentleman my husband was. 

When I started getting tired I motioned for William to come over and told him that I would like to go home. He went to the back room and got our coats. He helped me on with my coat and we laughed.

When we got home, I told William that he had made me very proud that evening with what a doting, attentive and adoring husband he had been and that he deserved a treat. 

I got the grab basket with the slips of paper with treats and favors for William to pick from. I hadn’t had a chance to go through the slips to sort them to limit his choices so everything was in there, including intercourse and a couple of other options for him to have a release.

The first one he drew was one requiring him to polish and shine all of my boots and shoes. His face sank when he saw that thinking that, this late in the evening after he had been drinking, that I would go to bed while he sat at the foot of my bed polishing all of my shoes into the wee hours of the morning. I took that one and told him he didn’t have to do it. I let him choose again and he came up with one directing him to iron all of my cotton blouses. His face sank again. The basket of my clothes that needed ironing was pretty full and that task also would have taken him early in the morning. I told him he can pick another and this time he drew a slip directing him to give me a full body massage and body worship. This still wasn’t what I had in mind for him. He was having no luck at all so I just dispensed with the grab basket. I sat on the edge of the bed and had William kneel between my feet and told him he could begin to beg for what he wanted. He begged to be allowed to worship at my temple and taste my nectar. I let him grovel and beg for a while because it always seems to make him appreciate the privilege more. I slipped my underpants off and put my skirt over his head. He worshipped there for a while and got me pretty turned on.

I moved the chair near the end of the bed and told him to strip down to his boxer shorts. I had him sit in the chair and I tied his hands to the armrest of the chair with a couple of my stockings.

I undressed taking my time to make it sort of like a striptease display for him. He was squirming as he got very cramped in his little chastity cage. I left my stockings and shoes on but I slipped into one of the nightgowns that Vincente  “bought” for me. William has only seen me in this nightgown but has never been allowed to touch me while I’m wearing it because it was supposedly purchased for me as a gift from my imaginary lover Vincente.

I sat on the edge of the bed and played with myself while wearing the nightgown from my lover. While I did so I put my feet on the edge of the chair and jabbed William’s testicles and penis cage with my heels just the way he likes and sometimes raised my feet to his mouth so he could kiss my shoes.

I got my vibrator and masturbated. When I came I must have thrust my legs pretty hard because William yelped a few times.

I ended up poking him in the balls pretty hard with my heels. It turned out to be sort of a high heeled cock and ball torture session, which I didn’t realize because I was so wrapped up in my orgasm. When I was done, I checked to make sure that I hadn’t really hurt William down there. I massaged his balls a little and he liked that. It was clear that it had turned William on quite a bit because he had dribbled quite a bit from the end of this penis cage. He never had a full-on orgasm so it turned out to be sort of a milking session and ruined orgasm. I slid the nightgown off and William begged me to keep it on so he could snuggle with me wearing it. I reminded him that it was Vincente’s and he wouldn’t like me wearing it for another man.

I slipped into a different nightgown and untied William. He got really hard again in his penis cage as we snuggled to drift off to sleep. The poor boy was so horny! I eventually slipped a pillow between us because he couldn’t stop rubbing up against me and poking me with his penis cage and big erection. I could feel him quivering and quaking gently as I drifted off to sleep, feeling so relaxed after  a great orgasm.


A Husband in Chastity Comes When He’s Called.

On Saturday William and I went to the mall. There was an event being put on by a camera store in conjunction with several other stores in the mall. The camera store was offering a fashion photo opportunity for amateur photographers. They had professional style portrait lighting with the reflective umbrellas, fill lighting, background lighting and they allowed amateur photographers to come and use their equipment to photograph some female models they had on hand. They had several very attractive young women dressed in fall outfits and holiday cocktail dresses. William asked if he could participate so he brought his camera bag and equipment. 

I did some shopping while William practiced his photography skills taking portraits and fashion photos of the models. They were all some very lovely young women.

When I returned to the photo demonstration there were several other wives sitting on the benches in one of the mall rest areas watching the group of men take photos of the young models. The photo store had a couple of salesman and photography instructors on hand to offer tips to the men on things like exposure, and aperture, and lenses and such things. The men were all mostly middle-aged and the models all fairly Young. They were quite Charming and a little flirtatious with the men and the men were all eating it up. I know William was enjoying the event.

I could tell that he was getting aroused and was feeling cramped in his chastity device. I saw him scrunch his legs together and then apart a couple of times trying to adjust himself without touching himself down there in public.

I could tell that he was caught in his endless brain loop of arousal, thinking about how he was in chastity, and then thinking about me, and then trying to manage his arousal so it didn’t become uncomfortable. He was looking around at regular intervals to see if I had returned from shopping.

He looked relieved when he spotted me and then a little embarrassed knowing that I could tell he was getting aroused.  That’s one thing I’ll never understand about men. It must have been uncomfortable for him to be getting aroused by these young women who he will never have and never have any hope of having, and it even is probably a bit uncomfortable for him, yet he stays. He was looking to me for comfort on regular intervals. When he’s in the presence of a beautiful woman and gets aroused, he often looks to me for comfort. He gets this helpless little boy look on his face and looks to me as if to say, “These big mean, scary, pretty, sexy women are turning me on and my cage is getting cramped and uncomfortable. Please help me!” I love it when we are out at a party and some beautiful woman flirts with him. When he gets aroused, he is immediately reminded of who literally holds the key to his relief. At those times he will politely excuse bimself and will come immediately to my side. He’s like a puppy, who knows he’s been naughty and runs to his mistress’ side for reassurance. He will often take my hand and kiss me for comfort. It’s almost like he’s saying, “That scary pretty lady was flirting with me and making me uncomfortable. Please protect me from her.”

That’s the look he had on his face at the mall photo session. It was precious. We had agreed that I would keep the memory card with these photos and that he would be allowed to review them in my presence. This is one of the things that William asked for help with, when he asked me to manage him in chastity, his porn addiction and chronic masturbation. William was addicted to masturbating  to swimsuit and lingerie catalogs and did it so much that he had no energy for regular sex. These photos were exactly the sort of thing that he would have used for masturbatory material in past. We agreed that he would only be allowed to review these photos in my presence, as part of his photography hobbie.

One of the other wives commented on how much the men seemed to be getting into it. I said, “Yeah I think my husband’s had enough and it’s time for me to pull him away.” The other woman said, “Good luck getting any of them to come away from that”. I said, “Oh, it’s not hard if you have a properly trained husband”. The other women laughed and the one woman said, “Right, I’d like to meet one of those.”

I knew William would be looking in my direction any second and I said very quietly, too quietly for him to hear me, “Sweetie, I need to see you”. Just then, as if he had heard me, he turned and looked in my direction. I summoned him with my finger and he promptly said thank you to everyone and came quickly to my side. The mouths of the other wives all dropped open. William tipped his head gentlemanly to the other wives and said,  “Afternoon ladies.” He knew that I was trying to show off my obedience trained husband and he cooperated completely.

I told William, “Honey, I’m ready to go”. He said, “Alright Honey”. I said, “I hope you got some nice shots”. He said, “I think I did, thanks”. I extended my hand and said, “The memory card please.” He popped the memory card out of his camera and placed it in my hand. As I placed it in my purse, I said, ” I look forward to reviewing these with you later.”

William put his camera in his camera bag, picked up my shopping bags and followed me toward the mall entrance. The other women were struck speechless as we walked away.

William was such a perfectly doting and obedient husband all day that I told him he could choose a slip from his treats and favors grab basket when we got home. He was so excited. After he removed the tags from my mall purchases and had hung everything up, I had him strip down to his underpants and let him pick a slip from the grab basket. The slip he picked was for a handjob but with no orgasm. He did dribble some before I stopped so it turned out being sort of a milking session. The poor thing, he was so horny, I had to pat his penis and testicles with a cold washcloth before I could get him soft enough to get his chastity cage back on him. After I got his cage back on I told him that he had been such a delightfully doting and obedient husband that day, that I would let him draw a second slip from the grab basket. I really wanted a massage to help me relax for the afternoon so I put 5 slips in the basket that all said “hour-long full-body massage”. He never knows the difference of what is on the various slips I put in the basket. This way I get my massage and he feels like he has really won an extra favor.



How Chastity Conditions a Man’s Brain Toward Greater Attentiveness and Obedience.

I have come to really appreciate how having a man in chastity can recondition his brain toward greater attentiveness toward his wife and greater obedience to her authority. A chastity device provides a man with almost immediate biofeedback on the current state of his arousal.

This is how William explains that to me. He says that he can be somewhere where he is aroused by something, (I have William in the very smallest penis cage), and he can feel the slightest amount of arousal. He might be somewhere around beautiful women and when he feels the even the slightest bit of arousal he can feel his penis straining against it’s little cage. If he becomes significantly aroused his erect penis will push the penis cage upward pulling the back ring so that it tugs on his scrotum and testicles. He says it can become mildly uncomfortable. I used to worry about this, that it might be hurting him, but he has assured me that it is not painful and he doesn’t think that it causes him any harm.

He says that sometimes, with extreme arousal, it becomes uncomfortable enough that he needs to adjust himself and the device. He can’t do this in public so it requires him to step somewhere private or go to the men’s room.

He says that when he was first placed in chastity, whenever he became aroused, he immediately began to fantasize about the woman he was looking at. He would think about what it would feel like to run home later and masturbate fantasizing about her. Then, almost immediately, he’d feel the pressure of his penis straining in it’s little cage and he’d be reminded that, not only would he not be able to do anything with this woman, but he can’t even go home to masturbate and fantasize about her later.

William says this starts him on a thought process that goes like, “Oh, that’s right, I’m locked in chastity, I wouldn’t be able to do anything with this woman even if I had the chance. I can’t even masturbate thinking about her or even touch my own penis. I can’t masturbate or even touch it without my wife’s permission. Man I’m horny. I can’t wait till the next time she allows me to come. I wonder when that’ll be. I have to be really good all this week so maybe she’ll let me come this Sunday. I wonder where she is right now. I wonder what she’s doing. I wonder if she has the key with her. Maybe she’ll let me out tonight if I’m really good and impress her. I hope she lets me out tonight. I can’t wait until she gets home and I get to see her again. Maybe, if I really please her tonight, she’ll let me out of my device for a little while so I can touch it.”

William says that this is what goes through his head every time he has the slightest little bi of arousal or even a spontaneous erection. He calls it the “endless brain loop of chastity”. He sees an attractive woman, he starts to get aroused, he is immediately reminded that he is under my control and can’t do anything about it without my permission, he immediately begins thinking of me and planning ways that he can please me and earn his next release. He then starts hoping that the day will hurry up so that he can be home with me, his key holder.

William says that it causes him to avoid situations where he is significantly aroused. If he lingers in the presence of an attractive woman or has a momentary flirtation with one, he can feel his penis become more erect and knows that it will soon begin pulling on his scrotum and testicles and will become uncomfortable so he removes himself from the situation before it comes to that point.

I can tell when he has been in one of these situations because he will call me to connect with me and be reassured. Sometimes I’ll be sitting at work and I get a call from him for no reason. I’ll ask him where he is and often he’ll tell me he’s out to lunch in the city. If it’s a beautiful spring day I know that he’s in the city surrounded by women in their business attire, skirts and dresses and heels, and that he has become aroused and very much wishes he could be by my side. He’ll ask me when I plan on getting home and he’ll ask me to please not stay too late at the office. I absolutely love those sweet calls from him.

When we are out in public his chastity device works like one of those proximity controlled shocking dog collars. He doesn’t like to get too far from me. We might be at some social event and he will end up in a conversation with some attractive woman, maybe she flirts with him a little. When he feels himself becoming aroused, he will remove himself from the situation and find me wherever I am. He comes to my side like an adoring puppy looking for his mistress. Williams says that attractive women who flirt with him or act charming toward him eventually become an annoyance. He knows that he will soon become aroused and it will be uncomfortable for him.

I can tell when he has had a day where he has experienced a lot of arousal in his chastity device. He will rush home to get home ahead of me. When I walk in the door I can smell that he has a dinner waiting to serve me. He will meet me eagerly at the door to take my purse, suit jacket, and briefcase. He then follows me to the couch and brings me my newspaper, the TV remote and a glass of wine. Then he happily kneels at my feet, slips off my heels, and massages my feet while he inquires about my day. After a day of receiving constant biofeedback from his chastity device at every incident of arousal, he is just happy to have his key holder home again.

At these times he is so eager to know when his next time out of his chastity device will be. He begs me to tell him what he needs to do to earn his next chance to draw a slip out of the treats and favors grab basket. It’s at these times that I get my best pedicures, my best full body massages, my shoes and boots all expertly shined and polished, and the best oral pleasure from him. He becomes so much more motivated on his really horny days.